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Default Re: Anyone have experience with playbook rapid charging stand?

There are three OEM charging options that I know of:
  1. Rapid charging stand: BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charging Pod
  2. Rapid charging wall wart: BlackBerry Rapid Charger
  3. Standard (pack-in) wall wart: BlackBerry Premium Charger

The rapid charging stand is an excellent option if you either don't use a case or don't mind removing the PlayBook from its case when charging. If you want a rapid charging option but want to keep a case on your PlayBook, then you will want to look at the rapid charging wall wart. Same charging power as the stand minus the need to dock the PlayBook without a case. And note: the rapid charging stand and rapid charging wall wart come with everything you need to charge the PlayBook. No extra cables/power adapters needed like you do with the charging docks for BlackBerry phones.

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