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Default Re: Latest OS: 9650 (Multilanguage)

Originally Posted by rick chi-town View Post
I like almost everything about OS6 UI-related. I do think its slick and new... although, this latest build def has it's issues. I cannot believe this was "officially" released by any carrier or RIM, for that matter. Here are my issues so far, others chime in please:

-no "scrolling" between days on calender
-random reboots (no idea why)
-inability to delete from message list (not just SMS messages now, but emails as well)
-battery life (although mine has always sucked, I always keep a spare battery and charger near-by) not sure OS6 related.
> I didn't think I could scroll between days but if I slide finger fast across touch pad, it usually goes to the next day. Not a great design.
> no reboots (yet)
> Seem to be able to delete messages and SMSs but I'm on a BES, some maybe its different?
> Battery life is terrible before and after upgrade; old BB could go at least three days to a week, Verizon 9650 lasts a day or less, if WiFi on.

Also, hate that the contact app doesn't let you turn off pictures so more contacts fit on the screen. Anyone know how to turn that off?
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