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Default APN - Browser question

Hi dc/dc,

thanks for your great help! It will save me thousands of dollars which just recently started appearing on my bill for roaming data charges.

i just want to confirm i completed the correct steps, i went to tcp/ip settings in advanced settings, and unchecked "APN Settings Enabled" and also erased the line after APN: that all i have to do?

Also, can i use the regular browser (not tmobile browser) through this service, without getting billed for roaming? can i download from the web too?

Lastly, how do i know if an application runs through the unbilled or the billed service? Once my APN is disabled, will it still be possibile for any application to access an application and for me to be billed, or will it just not work and therefore i can not get any roaming charges?

thank you in advance for your help in clarifying!



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