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Originally Posted by mario_de View Post
I'll be in BAF just for some quick in-processing before I'm headed down to my temporary home down in Alamo (near Phoenix) More training there for a couple of months before being scattered to the winds (I'm on an MTT so who knows where I'll end up at to teach).

I did notice my Germany charges... I think I'm just going to call them and plead ignorance. On another note, am I seeing things or does slacker radio work out here? And that app also falls under the BIS service? I've noticed that just about all the apps that I've tried using on my BBM that connect out seem to have no problem working which is why I was concerned about getting hit with data rates.

Well, I'll just tell you to be careful. T-Mobile hit me up for big fat roaming bill whilst I was on R&R in August. I went for 8 months with no extra charges in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Dubai, and Egypt using e-mail, Facebook, BBM and GTalk (all apps written by RIM) at various times, but a few days stop in Germany to visit my buddy at Ramstein netted me charges despite having the plan. I called them to get them removed, but they refused. The rep said that opening and sending attachments was not considered BIS usage. This is BS, but I didn't argue with him or pursue it any further as they log all calls now.

The point of all that is just to tell you to be careful. If you are using apps written by RIM, you SHOULD be OK, but it's not a guarantee.
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