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Originally Posted by mario_de View Post
Thanks for all the info DC. I'm in Kuwait headed to BAF sometime in the next week or so and I have the APN settings disabled. One question though, before learning about this great feature with the international BIS info, I had Tmobile unlock my phone thinking I'd get a roshan SIM card. Will having an unlocked phone make a difference or do I need to reenable the SIM card security so that I can ensure that I'm only using BIS. I only ask this because I had disabled the APN settings before leaving the states and was able to use the data plan at my layover in Germany even though I hadn't activated the international BIS yet (or maybe it was delayed since I didn't get the confirmation text until Kuwait). Either way, if you're in the general vicinity of where ill be at could you hook a brother up by PMing me your afg cell number if possible? Appreciate the assist.
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Having it unlocked won't affect anything... My 9700 was unlocked also. Be aware that you may see some charges for your usage in Germany.

Are you going to be staying in BAF or are you transiting on from there? I'm way out in East Paktika province.
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