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Originally Posted by jercdevil View Post
DC how do you avoid incoming calls without being charged? Do you have call forwarding or voice mail turned off. I found out the hard way on Intl' data use. I'm always used my pearl 8120 with no problem and then got a unlocked iphone to try in the same way. Long story short got hit with a $2000.00 + bill :( even thu I did not intensionally use the Internet. There must be apps that run in the background. I'm still fighting with T-Mo over this. Be very careful and check your bill every other day when traveling.
The calls aren't a problem. My friends don't call me, and the people that do usually hang up before it reaches voicemail, and it's also normally in the middle of the night when my device is set to not give any alerts. Unfortunately, I doubt you'll with T-Mobile. As I've said, only things that use the BlackBerry APN are free. Unlocked phones use the WAP/Internet APN. It's pretty straightforward.
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