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Originally Posted by xavieritzmann View Post
Correct. Makes sense! Yes, I have the BlackBerry Unlimited International E-mail.

Nonetheless, I've gone across several forums where the issue of international data roaming keeps coming up and it seems to be a pretty wide phenomenon that people get thousands of USD in unexpected charges, with no widely known solution other than just turning off the entire wireless network data portion... but then that kills e-mail access too and leaves people incommunicado.

It would seem that such a simple solution as the one of killing the APN would be by now widely published across the forums. But it's not. Strange, uh?

Frankly, I don't want it widely published! LOL

Anyway, I've been in Afghanistan for nearly 6 months, and I have only had data charges pop up twice. Once, it was a charge for about 1 MB of transfer, so I called T-Mobile from my desk phone, explained to the lady that I had the unlimited int'l plan with my internet settings disabled so that "just my e-mail would work", and she removed the charges immediately. The other time was my fault. I performed a device upgrade and forgot to fix the settings before turning the mobile network on. I got hit for about 50 on that one. Everything else has been covered by the add-on because it goes through the APN just like e-mails. This is how T-Mobile differentiates for billing. If they see the APN, your add-on covers it. If they see (if you tethered, for example), they charge you the per-KB rate. It's pretty straightforward.

The bottom line is, don't abuse the privilege. T-Mobile is by far the best BlackBerry deal in town. We only pay $20 extra per month to basically get unlimited usage internationally, and we can still tether for free domestically.
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