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Default Re: Playbook vs 'The New' iPad

Originally Posted by audit View Post
The iPad just works, plain and simple. No hooking it up to a 3rd party server (BES) and it's allowed me to leave my laptops in the bag. It doesn't matter that I have a Wifi only iPad 2 because I'd need WiFi for my laptop to connect to the internet so I could VPN in to fix any issues anyhow so carrying my iPad around is just easier. Most times my wife puts it in her purse when we're out in case I need it. All the apps that I need for work related functions were free. I won a Playbook and gave it to a friend of mine who hated it after a week, he traded it for an iPad and loves using that better because it just works.

PlayBook also just works, plain and simple. It does not need to be hooked up to BES - in fact you could not even do it initially (before OS 2.0), and BES is not 3rd party but RIM's own, for enterprise customers. And while we can certainly appreciate that wives carrying large purses are useful, one does not need those with PlayBooks. I stopped using (let alone carrying) my personal notebook since I got myself a PlayBook. All the apps that I need to work related functions on PlayBook were free. I was offered an iPad 2 as a part of promotion (with another purchase) and declined it, negotiated and got a PlayBook. I know of a number of people who have both PlayBooks and iPads and swear by their PlayBooks. Some of them keep iPads because they are in a Mac ecosystem, which I am not.
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