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Default Re: Playbook vs 'The New' iPad

Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
I have email, calendar, contacts, a browser and apps I need on my iPad. Plus it does what I want and did so from the start.

That is why it is better for me.
I have email, calendar, contacts, a better browser and even included apps I need on PlayBook. Plus it does what I want and did so from the start. It also shows the same emails, calendars and contacts I have other phone without even having to think of or pay for the cloud. It allows me to do my presentations anywhere with HDMI (at 1080p and 3D!) same time I am doing other things, due to multitasking. It saves me money proactively by requiring only one mobile connection and can use it even if your carrier does not let you or you don't pay for the mobile hotshot feature.

I can carry it around (unlike any iPad) and have magnificent screen detail that Apple only brought with its latest iPad3. I don't have to purchase or convert my media files. I can simply copy them over WiFi with existing and standard software. I can view and edit Office files on it without purchasing additional apps. I can send send emails and attach pictures, for example, that are either on my PlayBook or my phone. My PlayBook tells me about stuff happening on my phone. I have Video Chat application that works better than anything I have used before including Skype, with the same people on the same networks, at the same time.

I had access to the fastest, still most reliable and definitely most secure instant messaging available - BBM from the beginning. I can use my phone as a remote control for my PlayBook because my PlayBook is so versatile I need to do things like that.

And if anyone complains that some of this is via the bridge, stop and think again. That exactly is one marvelous feature and not a shortcoming by any measure. Now that I have "native email" everyone was eager to get, with all its beauty, I still use the bridge... Perhaps I am oldfashioned in that respect but I get my emails and pay for them once and my replies are available everywhere.

PlayBook has the best architects OS enabling best apps to work better than on other OSes, including non-tablet. Ask Citrix guys, for example.

So, for me, PlayBook is the best tablet of all from the beginning, event without the new stuff in OS 2.0 I just scratched. iPad 3 specs catch-up thing included.
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