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Default Re: How to Delete user data? 9630

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
Thank you for the lecture. Remember you came to an all volunteer forum looking for information. The fact that you are a PC Tech is immaterial. Big deal.

Have you dealt with BlackBerrys before? Are you aware that AT&T will add a BlackBerry Data Plan to the account if they see one there?

Wasn't trying to lecture anyone. I was just expressing my own opinion. "Opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one and most of them stink". Sorry if my opinion stinks to you, it's just my opinion.

Me being a certified PC tech is very relevant. It should tell you that I am not an uninformed tech illiterate person that doesn't know my head from a hole in the ground when it comes to technology. Knowing this helps you determine where to start at when it comes to offering advice. So yes, it is very relevant to know that you are dealing with a geek and not a tech illiterate novice if you want to avoid covering a lot of area that I already know.

As far as AT&T adding a data plan because they detect the BB, you are misinformed here. AT&T wants you to believe that they will and most CS reps will tell you that they will, but the truth is that they will not if you acquire the phone from someone other then AT&T. AT&T phones are subsidized to offer a lower cost to their clients. They recoup the cost of the phone through their absorbent data plan fees. So when you get a new smartphone from them, you have to sign a contract, and in that contract you have to agree to except that AT&T will force you to buy a data plan as a condition of them selling you the phone. When you buy a phone from someone else, there is no contract between you and AT&T and they have no legal right to force you to buy a data plan. But you must be careful to have AT&T block all data on your account or you will end up with a multi-hundred dollar phone bill even if you don't do anything on the internet. Why? Because smartphone are just like PC's, they are constantly checking for and downloading software updates, and at 1 cent a kilobyte ($10 a megabyte) 10 or 20 megabytes a month will cost you hundreds. This is too complicated for most people to understand, so most AT&T CS reps just tell people that they have to buy a data plan even if they get a phone second hand. It just avoids a lot of hassle down the road when the tech illiterate person gets that outrageous phone bill and cry's foul.

Now there is a lecture for you. And no, this time it is not just my opinion, it is the facts.
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