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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Originally Posted by juwaack68 View Post
Ooohhhh, something shiny!

Let me know how you like it. I'm not a fan of Android, but always like to hear feedback.
I'll give a quick review of the device having used it the past 3 days. I will compare it with my previous phone, the HTC Evo 4G.

Battery life of the Evo 3D is better than that of the Evo 4G. On Saturday, after over 8 hours of use including WiFi, GPS, browsing, texting, phone calls and downloading apps, I still had 60% of battery remaining. I am very impressed with that!

The size of the device is a little different, it is slimmer and taller than the Evo 4G and I like the feel of it better this way. Sense 3.0 makes this device very enjoyable. It is extremely intuitive, for someone that doesn't like Android, I would recommend playing around with this device. I think you may just like it. Sense 3.0 makes a BIG difference.

As for the 3D part. It takes 2D pics in 720p which are pretty clear using the 5MP camera. The 3D pictures are clear as well using the dual stereoscopic 5MP cameras. Granted it takes a few seconds for the camera to focus to get a clear pic in 3D, but it is definitely 3D. Viewing pics in 3D is pretty neat as well. However, you have to have the phone at the right angle to see them correctly. Staring too long starts to give you a headache. Having said that, I watched most of the Green Hornet 3D movie that came on the device and I didn't find myself looking for aspirin. It was pretty enjoyable. The Spider-Man 3D game is about the same as the movie, it didn't seem to bother my eyes. The nice thing about the game is you can adjust the level of 3D so if you do find it bothersome, you can turn it down to virtually 2D.

Overall, I enjoy the phone. I would recommend it to any Evo owner as an upgrade. Even without the "gimmicky" 3D, it is still a solid device with a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor,540 x 960 4.3 inch screen, 1GB of RAM and internal memory, up to 32 GB of external memory, dual 5 MP cameras, as well as a 1.3 MP front facing camera.
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