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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Originally Posted by BigA View Post
Ummm well I feel less guilty because at least I am actually point out the problems with this company vs. other members who do own and use iPhones and are defending Blackberries?? Really?

To answer your question. Because it makes me very happy. To me its my form of satisfaction that people that work for RIM will read this. To Me, my company, my employees are sick if spending thousands of dollars on a platform and getting screwed year after year on a product that the quality is and has been lacking for the last few years. The time I have spent alone per week on trouble shooting issues with BB is astronomical! RIM should be paying all of us for being BETA testers for their crap and this article proves it to no end.
Apple has issues too you know! For starters every time they have come out with a new device that has required an update the first day it's out to make it functional and Apple's servers (the 10 that they own) are overwhelmed from people trying to download the update tell people "not to worry it a in week or two you should be able to get the update!". They put themselves first over their customers and Apple/Mac users keep buying it up which is very SAD!

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