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Default Re: RIM is black-burying carriers with half-baked BlackBerrys

Originally Posted by BigA
Come back when you can grow up and speak like an adult.
You have got to be kidding me. Speak like an adult? So is this what you mean by "speak like an adult":
  • You people are CLUE LESS!!!
  • You guys are like "the ship is sinking what the F*&^ should we do now.
  • I hope little ole me is going to scare this company into shape!
  • If you do this then I have clearly won the battle.
  • You probably can't read either.
  • Yes that's right keep drinking the koolaid.
  • I am simply trying to wake up the ones who don't have common sense simply because they are a fanboi too of RIMM.
  • Do I get some kind of award or cookie. If so I do like chocolate chip.
  • Really you guys will be the butt of all the jokes about this worth-less platform.
  • I mean you just simply can't make this crap up!!
  • This place makes it very easy to troll.

Unreal. BigA is an unfortunate example of what happens when a manufacturer is successful in the consumer market... you have to deal with idiots and children (often one in the same).

BigA, here's a hint: this isn't a battle. You don't need to save anyone, except perhaps yourself. You are welcome to use whatever phone you like, and everyone else is afforded the same opportunity. There is no need to push your agenda, mock those that support BlackBerry (myself included, as shocking as you think that is), or act like a five year old. Although that last one is, no doubt, going to be the most difficult for you to deal with.

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