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Default Re: Rumored CDMA BBs for Verizon

Originally Posted by PJD642 View Post
Damnit! I want a CMDA TORCH2!!!!! Full length screen and a real keyboard. Why is that so hard to get? AT&T's service here sucks, so that's not really an option.
Yea, I know how you feel.

My 2 year contract with VZW is up in November, I get my(supposedly) free upgrade in July, but I was getting sick and tired of the on-screen keyboard on my Storm 2. So I tried a Torch on AT&T, since they give you 30 days. Being in NYC I expected the worst from the service but, frankly, I got better phone service than with Verizon (in my office all calls to the Storm 2 went to VM, with the Torch there was no problem receiving and making calls). AT&T's Internet service was slow for video with consistent buffering, and you can tell they're worried as they disable all video links on some sites, like CNN and FoxNews. AT&T's Visual Voice Mail for free was great.

In the end, however, I panicked. I was afraid I hadn't seen the worst of AT&T service and figured that Verizon would get a new device in fairly short order. After experiencing some bad AT&T CS trying to cancel (the rep lied to me about the process and when I posted on the AT&T Boards detailing his tricks they closed the thread) I was finally successful, wrapped up the Torch and sent it back.

Now I'm having second thoughts, only because I see that even the new BBs that MIGHT end up on VZW at SOME point don't have the nice big screen of the Torch coupled with a physical keyboard, which I really wanted. However, that's water under the bridge as I've canceled AT&T and sent back the phone, but if I had it to do over again I might have kept the Torch.

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