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This seems like what RIM is now working on.

BlackBerry Onyx Delta; a Refreshed Bold 9700? - BlackBerry Leaks - Blackberry news, software, videos, info, reviews, previews

However, the 9700 that is out currently is all this but only has 256meg of memory. You could always opt for the, which is the newest BB out currently.

As for the Iphone vs BB debate, thats all up to personal preferance. Iphone has way better app support, and browser. Where BB handles email and push notfications much better.

Basically, IMO, it comes down to what you're going to use the device for. Iphone is essentially directed at the multimedia aspect of the smart phone, where BB is more directed and reliable email and such. I know this didn't really answer your question. But the only answer really is, try the demos out and see what UI you like better.

I know for myself, I was always saying get a Blackberry, but I am really starting to get frustrated at how far behind RIM is when it comes to app support and browsing. Seeing the new specs of the Iphone, I have to admit, its really starting to attract me to jump ship.

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