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Originally Posted by macberry12
May be a stupid question...but will ask anyway....what is the best way to download a ringtone from SanFranciso's collection if I us a Mac and PocketMac rather than the Desktop manager?

Sorry, all I know about MAC is that I bought an Apple notebook compouter on eBay for $25, as a vintage collectible. And also when I got my girlfriend to switch from MAC to PC, working on her MAC to help transfer files was made difficult because it was like trying to find out where the "power on" switch was located. It was a frustrating experience.

Do you have a MicroSD chip?

If so, is there a way to access it through your MAC?

If so, are the default folders on the chip [ringtones, videos, music, pictures]? [the Pearl creates them by default when one turns on mass storage mode, etc.]

If so, can you transfer the ringtones to the folder on the chip.

Once transferred you simply hit "browse" when setting up the tones and notifiers and it will ask if you want to access the media card [chip].