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Default Re: Password Keeper Restore?

Originally Posted by FoSheazy View Post
Eek, this person is already not too happy about this situation which is why I'm doing this delicately
Rightfully so. No user likes to lose data, especially when it's not their fault.

Originally Posted by FoSheazy View Post
could I possibly restore just that database to the Blackberry in its current state?
No, the BES activation is what's preventing you from restoring that database. Wireless Backup is enabled and won't let you manually overwrite the handheld data. You need to break the BES connection to enable that database to be overwritten.

Originally Posted by FoSheazy View Post
Reading the comment below those boxes says the read-only data can't be restored except through the wireless sync...I'm hoping that isn't totally true.
It is true. See above.

Wiping the handheld and reactivating it on BES is not a big deal.
The user's current settings are are backed up on BES already. When you wipe and then reactivate, those settings will be repopulated. This is a very common thing.
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