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I believe:

- Based on the USPTO's rejections of NTP patents, I believe that Judge Spencer will be forced to delay any ruling he may have;
- If he does rule in favor of NTP and the injunction is ordered, I think we'll see Spencer taking a fairly early 'retirement'.
- NTP will file an appeal with the USPTO concerning their now invalid patents.
- The USPTO will shortly hear the appeal and uphold their reviews process - patents will remain invalid.
- NTP will appeal the USPTO ruling within a court system, thus becoming what they've been badgering RIM about for the last few years - 'squatters'.
- Visto will file a motion against RIM.
- At the hands of their shareholders, RIM will license patents from Visto rather than going to court - afterall, Visto has already had one of their patents re-examined by the USPTO (Visto vs Seven Networks) and 15 of 25 claims were approved.

I think the last two will likely happen in the short-term, and if RIM decides to pursue it within the courts/patent office, expect for the shareholders to possibly and ultimately decide the fate of BlackBerry.

I find it disturbing that Judge Spencer would rule in favor of NTP based on the new evidence that their patents have now been rejected by the patent office. I don't see why he would delay a ruling a week, to be perfectly honest, unless he is actually taking into consideration today's USPTO rejections.
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