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Originally Posted by tomryan
Look in the 7100 forum AND at other posts in this thread. 7130 users are having the same types of issues those early adopters are having with the 7250 (business and non business alike)..
You are correct about this.

Originally Posted by tomryan
This is not about the cat getting out of the bag early as much as its about their being issues with Verizon's network (with respect to the data connection refused issue that affects the 7250 and the 7130) and that could also be causing the roaming issue you are seeing.
True, could be the reason some are seeing a roaming signal, no tech at VZW has been able to solve the puzzle as far as I can tell. But what is interesting about the purported network issues is that outages are not consistent, even within the same calling area. Neither are the supposed steps necessary to make this beast work. So is it SIMPLY network issues? I doubt it.

Originally Posted by tomryan
People need to stop focusing on what the supposed (no offense) VZWtech said and instead talk to their reps/tech on the phone or go to a local store (one user just reported that the phone techs said no, but the store got him up and running..
Interesting perspective, I'm not sure that what VZWtech stated was incorrect, though.

The truth of the matter is that the EVDO upgrade for the 7250 was only initially supposed to be for business customers. What happened was that through this forum (and maybe from elsewhere, as well), non-business customers got ahold of the hyperlink giving VZW's business customers the instructions for upgrading the handheld firmware and the desktop software. With this in hand, it was easy for non-business customers to get access to something that probably wasn't supposed to be available to them quite yet (I know, I am one of them). Is that the reason there is a number of problems with the process? Not necessarily, but it can't be ruled out as a possibility.

Originally Posted by tomryan
All of this simply shows Verizon has some serious internal communication issues going on..

Verizon has some serious problems, but it appears that if you keep at them, it will eventually get resolved.
As Mark Rejhon posted earlier in this thread, you have to understand there is a fundamental difference in the overall communication process of a company who has been built off the back of mergers and acquisitions as opposed to being built via a more traditional ground-up approach. The result is a whole cornucopia of technical and communication processes and procedures that usually vary by the region in which the original company did its business. I know from consulting for these tier 1 and 2 providers that what one region does, the other hates, and vice versa. It's a difficult obstacle to overcome, especially for a company as large as VZW.
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