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kontiki, I appreciate your rational reply. What seriously bothered me was not the 2 hrs between my 3rd and 4th posts... it was the 3 days that went by while I patiently waited for someone, anyone, to do a quick check of their consumer acct detail and post back with their line item details. I knew I was close to getting this to work, and in the interest of trying to enable more folks to get EVDO despite Verizon's reluctance to admit it exists, I needed a confirmation of what I was seeing. I do my homework. Always have. You generally aren't too successful as a consultant/IT admin if you don't. That's one of the reasons I lurked, read, researched and generally picked up every piece of knowledge here for two weeks before I posted. But you are 100% right, something little like EVDO access (which really doesn't do squat for the browsing on the 7250) is not that big of a deal. But combined with a rash of STFU style posts directed towards new members in that last 2 weeks I've been browsing is a real turn off. I've had associates who warned me about this board before I ever joined. Their words? "Use it like a library and don't post unless you absolutely have to, it can get rather nasty around there at times" So I guess I came in with my guard up. Not the best way to make an impression, I'm sure.

Sorry for any misunderstandings... Best of luck to you all.