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AT&T Wireless and Cingular will be the same company within weeks. I have heard that this will most likely happen by the second week of October. I work for AT&T Wireless at a corporate owned retail store, and we are already starting to see the little changes. All the stores in my district have gone through a "refresh," which implements alot of the colors you see in a Cingular print ad. Of course there is the Orange, but they also have green and the existing AT&T blue. The packaging the phones are coming in are starting to be manufacturer boxes, not AT&T branded boxes. If you have ever bought an AT&T phone you know what I mean, and finally the majority of the shipments of phones we are receiving are no longer coming with the headsets. Cingular has never given headsets as long as I can remember. Once this acquisition takes place AT&T & Cingular will be offering the same equipment, and plans, by after the official paperwork goes through. They are telling us that consolidating the billing systems can take up to 2 years. So those of you on AT&T Wireless right now will continue to be on the billing system that we currently use (Siebel, piece of shit!!), but the name change may go through alot sooner. So last point is.......It's closer than you think.