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Ok, so I guess I am going to upgrade tonight. I had not tried to get a fullscreen image until just now...and it doesn't work on Verizon; I get a blank image just like everyone else. My phone was bought new and has never been connected to a BES.

Update 12:57 PM PST:
Had a few spare minutes at work...Just upgraded from Verizon to Telstra; took about 15 minutes.

Update Again 1:19 PM PST:
Full size images sometimes work. Maybe it has to do with how big the full size image really is? The smaller images seem to show up, but the large ones don't. So I guess it probably worked the same way in 4.1.0268 because I only tried it on one large image.

Update the next day 12:13 PM PST:
I had some problems with Telstra so I downgraded back to Verizon It was slow. For example: when I was logged into Ramble AIM and pressed alt-ESC to tab to a different app, the hourglass cursor would spin for 2-3 seconds before showing the app list. On, the app list shows up instantly. But now, even the small fullscreen images that work in fail to work in I can live with that, though, slow speed is the lesser of two evils for me.

I then did some more experimenting with fullscreen images today. In the browser, I zoomed to full size and got a blank, white screen. I saved the image to the picture viewer. In picture viewer, I could see the small preview icon but, when I open the image, it is blank again. I then set it as my home screen image and, lo and behold, it shows up there. Definately a bug.

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