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Default Re: 2 phones 2 SIMs 3 countries 1 BBM - How :)

Thanks for reply but I am having trouble grasping the fine detail here. If I switch off my nexus4, put the UK SIM (with BIS) into a clean BB phone (BOS-6 or BOS-7) and setup BBM on the BB phone with the BB-ID [that's an email address right ?] I used when setting up BBM on the nexus4 will I not achieve the result I am aiming for ? I am assuming if you upgrade a BB phone you can take your BBM account from the old phone to the new phone as that's what I am simulating.
Your use of 'at a time' gives me hope as I only need BBM to work on one phone 'at a time' while in country 3 I will have no need for BBM on nexus4 [but it would be nice to have it]. Once back in the UK/Ireland the BB phone will be SIM-less and unused.
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