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Default Re: It's been a long time

Life was better back when BB was king. I used a BB from 2005 until 2009 when mobile technology was an appropriately sized part of our lives. Now it's completely out of control. Adults walking around like zombies with their little screen held up in front of their faces. I try to resist it but don't always succeed. I come back here to look around and see if anyone is meandering aimlessly around a once busy digital landscape. I actually long for the days when text, email and a few games were enough. I was actually more excited about new technology then than I am now. The new phones do so much more but I've become numb to it. It's not as exciting as it was during the evolution from the brick phones of the late 90's up until around 2009 when smartphones completely took over. Back then everything was changing from year to year. Now it's like the same thing over and over with a few minor incremental changes. I'm bored with it.
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