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Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
You are good to go. If any apps work now, they are using the APN, and therefore you would not be charged.
Hi, dc/dc:

I've read your posts with much interest. I have deleted the

[YES] APN Settings Enabled

in one of my two new phones. I have then proceeded to navigate from the "Browser" application as well as the "web2go" application from both the "fixed" phone and the "out-of-the-box" phone.

The issue is that both phones seem to be getting their data from
Proxy Detected pmds342.bisb1.blackberry:3128

Which resolves to a RIM address.

The issue then is the unmodified phone apparently would get the same unlimited data as the phone with the APN deleted. This makes me question whether this is going to work...

Or maybe I am misunderstanding something?

I am travelling internationally next week but can't afford to receive the first bill because by then the 30 day cooling off period will have expired and I really don't want to see thousand-plus phone bills each month due to data usage. If I have to walk away from T-Mo b/c they don't offer international data packages, I need to do it before the 2 yr contract becomes in full force. I got the phones yesterday.

Thanks in advance
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