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Default Re: Waiting For The Q10

Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
This is a well-known fact, and the word you're looking for is server, not surver.
OK, I spelled "server" incorrectly twice. I did get it right four times. (There are additional typos as well. I guess I should have checked it in Word first. Is there a spell check in this Forum?)

It may now be well known to Enterprise IT people, but to BlackBerry loyalists on BES who are considering upgrading to Z10 or waiting for Q10, it is not well known. My comment was not directed to Enterprise specialists (there is the BES Admin Corner in this Forum) but to users considering upgrading to a BB10 device. That is the topic in this thread.
What if you go out and upgrade to a BB10 device, show up at the office, ask to be activated, only to be told "Sorry, we are not prepared to buy another server to support BES for BB10 until there is a critical mass of users. It is not just a matter of upgrading the BES software. We donít like the security issues and lack of control associated with ActiveSync. Hope you kept your existing BlackBerry because we wonít support your Z10. "

The point is, why would RIM/BlackBerry hobble BB10 at launch, by requiring its most loyal segment, the BES community, to purchase a new server just to support BB10? RIM was almost a year late in getting BB10 to the market. Why did they not get the enterprise software right?
I have never owned an Apple device and have been a proud BlackBerry loyalist. It appears that the Z10 is a giant step forward in meeting the wants of the ordinary consumer who has or is considering an iPhone, Android or even a Windows 8 device. But that market is extremely crowded. While the Z10 will, in my opinion, help stop the erosion in that segment and will hopefully reverse that trend, BlackBerry will never regain the dominance it once had in that market. The people at Apple and Samsung are just too savvy to let that happen. BlackBerry should not alienate the BES group by making it more expensive than it should be to upgrade to BB10. Cracks are forming in my loyalty.
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