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Ok after power failure half the people as i said needed reactivated. This was on a monday. By Friday everybody else randomly had to be reactivated. Everybody was getting the Message services not configured error.

Now people are starting to drop off again. My phone (Tmobile) 8830 has dropped twice and works for a short period after resending the service books but ends up needing reactivated to work again.

RIM TSupport is worthless. They didn't know whats going on.

Everything was working fine on our old 4.0 system and went to hell as of 4.1.4mr3.

CEO and head management is ready to get dump the "horrible service" they are now getting with the "new" BES. Which means replacing all 500 current blackberrys and both servers for somethig else unless someone can lead me in the right direction of fixing this major issue that RIM couldn't figure out.

I'm at wits end with this.

Brand New Server and Installation

Dell 2950 Quad core 8GB Memory
Windows Server 2003 SP1
BES 4.1.4 mr3
Exchange 2003 SP2 Tools

Database resides on a remote SQL 2005 server
Blackberries Range from 7103, 7290, 8100, 8700, 8800
Service Providers Range: Sprint, Tmobile (majority) and few odds and ends from all over the world.

Users Mailboxes resides all over the world on any 20 exchange servers.

Any logs that need posting as of right now let me know so I can get them.

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