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Default Re: Switching carriers, keeping the BB Phone...

Lancer, I think you should either drop the attitude or do some research on your own. NJ knows of what he speaks. You asked for assistance, your question was answered correctly. Sorry to be blunt but that is how it is.

As NJ said, the two phones you asked about are CDMA and will not work on TMO since it is a GSM network. If they are Alltel branded, I doubt they would be allowed on Verizon either since VZW only allows their devices on their network.

You can unlock GSM devices and use them on other networks, but be aware that ATT devices will only use EDGE on TMO and TMO devices will only use EDGE on ATT since they operate on different GSM frequencies. As said above Verizon (and Sprint) only allow their devices on their network so you can't switch as you can with GSM.

By stating emphatically that TMO is the only way to go, I assume that you have checked the carriers to find out which has the best coverage where you will use it - where you live, work, travel and play. TMO has the least coverage areas of the then "big 4" so make sure it is the correct choice if you have one.
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