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Default Re: Switching carriers, keeping the BB Phone...

Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
I thought Alltel was bought by Verizon? So you really only have one choice. Like them or not, from your comments, it seems that Verizon is the ONLY way to go.
No, Verizon isn't the only way to go. Perhaps I wasn't clear. I wouldn't have Verizon if you held a gun to my head.

What I asked (and you didn't answer, by the way...) was, how do I take a phone from one carrier to another?

I will be going to T-Mobile if I make the move. That is not negotiable. Having put that caveat on the table, if I upgrade my phone now with Alltel, will I in the future be able to use it with T-Mobile, and how will that have to be done? Which is only what I wanted to know.
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