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Default Re: 9650 on T-Mobile Data not working

OK, I'm gunna have to try that.

For some reason when I uninstalled v6 and install v5, v5 no longer recognized my, maybe the whole trick is to uninstall everything like you said. I'll let everyone know what happens...

But, someone was telling me what a TMO rep told me to do, which was to:
1) Save the service books from my 8320 curve (tmo brand), which works obviously with the web and all...
2) Place the books onto the 9650...hard reset the 9650 and everything should be good.

BUT, I've tried this already and didn't work...perhaps someone is missing a step and maybe someone knows of this? Cuz this seems the easiest, if it worked...

I read somewhere that I should use the 8320, register it to network, then resend service books to it thru the site and THEN save the service books to the desktop, then load them onto the 9650, pop in sim card and register it and THEN it should work.

Whatever the case, I'm gunna try the FULL uninstall first and try that through the v5 if I can and if not then try this other trick. I'll def. let you all know what happens but if anyone else knows any steps I'm missing on any of these methods, please let me know.

(Currently at work so I will be trying this later)
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