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Default Re: 9650 on T-Mobile Data not working

OK, I need help.

I tried to follow the directions, but it's for Desktop v5.

I uninstalled v6 and installed v5 and it wouldn't recognize neither of my phones (8320 Tmobile and the 9650 Verizon).

I downloaded and installed ONLY the Blackberry USB drivers and thought that might be the problem, nope. I kept getting some error about not having some .dll file, so that's why I thought I was missing a driver. (Yes, I tried different USB ports too)

Uninstalled v5 and installed v6 and it automatically detects it right away.

Now, I see that in the 9500 and/or 9600 forum that someone was able to use Desktop v6 to do everything. I've downloaded the Service Books and know how to "install" them thru the v6, but I can't get the Daemon Browser thingy off.

I can see within v6 that I can select "Browser" and hit the ! button and SEE the Daemon Browser, but I cannot delete it or whatever because it's GREYED out and the program says "Required" and doesn't allow basically stuck on that step.

Is there something else I had to do before doing all this? (I thought I needed to fully backup my device, which I did, but still stuck)

Could someone please~~~ help me?
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