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Originally Posted by rasmith3530 View Post
BTW, I notice that you are running a 3Gs. What have they improved versus the latest update to the 3G? My friend and his wife are still plagued with really poor reception, and it can't be all AT&T's network, because my TracFone C139 runs an AT&T SIM (TracFone doesn't have their own network) and I don't have anywhere near the reception issues he deals with, and we live and travel within the same area.
I had the first gen iphone, but I can tell you the signal strength is 100% better. Where as with my first gen I was getting fluctuating signal between 1 to 4 bars, I now get a better, more consistant 4 to 5 bars similar to what I got with my Bold. 3G Data is sometimes a problem when I'm in an area with lots of people and I have to switch to 2G to get solid data performance. I'm guessing this is the standard ATT 3G network issue. Overall a vast improvement over the first gen.
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