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Default Re: 8830 Radio via Bluetooth Connection to Desktop Internet

I'm not sure about doing what you suggest via laptop. But I don't see why you couldn't connect to Bluetooth speaker, An Amazon Alexa or similar; that is, a device specifically capable of streaming audio from another device.

You may run into problems wrt to internet content, however. There may be issues with connecting to the internet via wifi without an active mobile wireless account with a data plan associated with the device. This was the case with many carriers at the time, and I recall it tended to be the rule rather than the exception. All you can do is try; and maybe you have tried, and if you are able to connect the internet then that potential problem is moot.

The other problem as far as content is lack of it. If you have already identified content and the streaming to a speaker is your only issue, then nevermind. But if you can't stream it in a browser or find an app for it, then I think you will be limited to media files you download. On that score there is luck: many podcasts out there to choose from.
- Ira
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