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Thanks for posting this, it looks very informative. I plan on trying this out soon. My question is: will this help with trackball clicking problems? I've read this whole thread and everyone else seems to have problems with scrolling performance. My problem is that the trackball seems to "stick" at times when I click on it. This means I might click on an email message to read it, and it opens the message, decides to reply and then sends the reply before I can do anything to stop it. Or, if I go to some menu it will click two or three selections through before I can get it under control. Is the cleaning procedure going to solve this issue? It all started after I rode my bike around with the thing in my pocket. I think it got moist from sweat. the problem comes and goes.

Just as an FYI, I am currently living in India, which means no access to Horizon Wireless, no easy trackball replacement or any spare parts for the device without a long and frustratingly painfulful search. If I break anything I'm pretty much screwed until I go back home to the US. That's why I'd like to know if taking the thing apart will actually work, before I risk it.

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