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Originally Posted by fonejunkie View Post
I definitely agree with Daphne and JSanders on this one...

On a fundamental level, I am not sure I would trust a spyware detector created and distributed by the same guy that created spyware, even if that spyware was a "proof of concept". It's like Lilly's or Pfizer creating nasty bugs in the lab as "proof of concept" to sell more nasty bug fighting drugs.
Thanks @fonejunkie for your feedback. So is the real issue that I released the spyware (if you can call it that) and spyware detector as the same person that's the concern? Would it have been better for everyone if I released them as "good guy identity" and "bad guy identity"? (fairly simple to do with the Internet these days)

Or is it the fact that its taboo for the same person to develop opposing types of applications?

Is it that you don't trust me because I have less than 10 posts?

Is it the fact that I don't release the source?

How about the fact that I don't have a government agency certifying that my spyware detector is not malicious?

I am honestly happy that yourself, @JSanders and @daphne are asking these questions. Because in the end, they go to highlight a fundamental point: How much can we trust something and on what do we base that level of trust? This sort of discussion is as valuable to me as it is to release a app or whitepaper.

Thank you.
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