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Default Re: Sync issues with Outlook

Couple of things:

Don't assume anyone will really know what you are talking about when you say you've gone through the solutions listed. What solutions? What "adv options solutions"?

What was the fix you apparently tried before going to bed thinking everything was back to normal? What did you do?

Now... Do you have multiple email addresses on the BlackBerry? If so, you have multiple calendars. And one of the calendars is set as the default in default services in options. This is the calendar that sync's with options. It is possible something changed this setting. So, check and see what it is set to, and change it back if necessary. (It should be an email address. Set the default CMIME and the default CICAL to the same address.)

Also, about the error, empty records, corrupt records, and oddball characters in a record can throw errors. I believe I read sometime somewhere someone had a problem caused by very extensive notes in calendar.

One other thing: Are you sync'ing your calendar (BlackBerry or Outlook) with anything else, or just BlackBerry <> Outlook?

Unless you are sync'ing with something else, I suspect your default CICAL got changed somehow. As a first step, check you defaults and correct if necessary. Then re-sync with Outlook (select to update records on both BlackBerry and Outlook using the records on the BlackBerry.) See if that at least gets your calendar back in Outlook.

If your sync errors out, I would clear your calendar on the BlackBerry using Desktop Manager and then selectively restore your calendar from your latest backup, then try to re-sync again.
- Ira
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