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Originally Posted by kmehling
Why can't they EVER get an upgrade right?

So far, my users have said the DCR's have not shown up... yet... but I'll wait until they travel to be the judge of whether or not it's gone for good.

#1 Complaint, as was mentioned, is the inability to type names in while under the phone program. Do call people they either have to hope that they had a recent conversation with them, otherwise, they're hunting through the rolodex to find their names. Nice bug there.

#2 Complaint - Viewing images seems to be partly broken. Example, went to the weather underground mobile site, typed in a zip code, saw a map. Clicked on the map, click in, choose "View Full" nothing but a blank screen. That used to work.

Still waiting for #3-10...
Yes. Image viewing is broken for me as well. Very frustrating. I was hoping it was just a setting somewhere, but in the 6 months I've been using 4.1, I haven't had full image viewing and haven't been able to figure out why... Lately have considered going back to 4.0. I do like how 4.1 tells you how much data is left to download for a webpage, and overall, it is a little faster downloading pages than 4.0. Compared in identical models with both OS's

BB7250 OS 4.1 Earthlink via Verizon Networks.

Another side note: Since 4.1 isn't directly supported by Earthlink, I had to set my browser emulation mode to IE in order to get the Earthlink Web page to recognize my browser.