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Originally Posted by somerandomguy View Post
Also, I've read a lot on the forums and other sites about problems with the wifi not working properly, internet not working properly like pages not opening all the time, videos not always working and the bridge not always working. I've read about other minor glitches. This may be a dumb question but those will be fixed in updates right? I won't be purchasing the playbook until about september or october so I hope the bugs are fixed but ultimately, I would like to know if this playbook will be good for a business class in University. I really hope it is, I love RIM and their products so far.

Yep. Every one of those reports is true. some of the time. I received a playbook for free (developer) and love it / use it heavily throughout the day. The software is great 95% of the time. the 5% of the time when bridge won't work or the browser keeps crashing or uploaded files don't show up until after restarting are annoying when they happen, but that isint too often, really.

On the other hand, you can't imagine how big of a smile i had when using bridge for the first time. I received an email, and at the same time my BB was dinging, i noticed a small red glow in the upper left of my PB, tapped it, tapped the message i just got, immediately was able to read the message, tapped download the ppt and PDF attachments, and was instantly viewing them.

They can be fixed in software, and i know for a fact that RIM is already testing versions of the OS with significant revisions / updates / fixes.

Ok, so, I'm going to university for my first year next year and am doing a BBA with an honours in accounting. For this I will need a word processor, a spreadsheet and a powerpoint, everything the playbook has. I also only care about those things, playing with some apps (apps don't matter too much to me) and surfing the web and some media things like videos and music so I feel that the playbook could easily replace a pc for me. However, I called futureshop to ask questions and the answer I got about the spreadsheet to go was that you could only review information, not actually put info into it and do much with it. Is this true? It seems odd that you can only review things on it. I would really like something I can do my accounting work on and I'd like people's opinions on the spreadsheet to go, would it be good for accounting work?
I am a university student as well; my major / focus / needs are significantly different from yours, but i can say with utmost confidence that the PlayBook is not ready to *replace* a laptop and certainly not a desktop.

the Docs to Go is great for reviewing, and passable for creation, but i can't imagine doing complex accounting work in the Sheets to Go program. I deal with pretty complex excel workbooks from time to time and no software (asside from MS excel) can really handle them proper.

tl;dr: Playbook is the perfect companion to a BlackBerry. it's got its software bugs, but i assure you, those can be fixed with updates. Overlooking the bugs, the software / toolset is powerful, but not something i would rely on for full blown production. Especially when you can get a more capable netbook for less than the PlayBook's price, it *does not* make sense to exclusively use a playbook... at least not yet. the OS needs to be smoothed out a bit, and the productivity apps need time to be written / improved.

i hope that helps. i'll be able to post back more information if you like.
Thank you very much for clearingg that up, glad to see RIM is working hard to improve the device. But since the RIM is big on business, won't they maybe get good word to go and good spreadsheet to go, or maybe android apps for that stuff? Again, thank you. I think I will get a playbook after a lappy.
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