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supaphreek 08-19-2009 06:04 PM

Blackberry 8320 vs 8900
Hey guys im upgrading and i needed some help, I use my blackberry mainly for messaging (eg, bbm, im, push email, sms) ive been looking at a few berrys and ive narrowed it down to the curve 8320 and the curve 8900, i enjoy the fact that both have wifi. another concern of mine is that i want to get the phone unlocked, so i want to know if all the services will still be available, i have a data plan. Obviously the curve 8900 costs more than the curve 8320 but i want to know if the 200$ price difference is worth the upgraded hardware and upgraded os considering all ill be using it for is messaging.

thanks guys

jeremyckitching 08-19-2009 07:59 PM

If you are using it mainly for messaging then the Curve 8320 will suffice. The Curve 8900 does offer, in my opinion, significant upgrades over the 8320. Better camera, 4 times the app memory, GPS, better screen resolution, faster processor, newer OS. However, since you are mainly using it for messaging most of that stuff doesn't really come in to play.

You may want to go with the Curve 8900 as it will be more future-proof than the 8320. You will see more OS updates and such for the Curve 8900 in the future.

supaphreek 08-19-2009 10:24 PM

thanks for the advice, do you also know whether ill be able to use all the features like bbm if i buy an unlocked 8900? and is the gps only usable with a telenav subscription or something like that, with a monthly cost?

jeremyckitching 08-19-2009 10:34 PM

Having an unlocked BlackBerry won't affect any of its abilities. You will be able to use everything on your BlackBerry as long as you have the BlackBerry data plan.

You can use the GPS with any program that can utilize it. Google Maps is free and can access the GPS.

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