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Chinasaur 09-21-2014 05:26 AM

New Z30 owner

Bought a Z30 on sale in August while I had the chance. Not seeing a lot going on here. People waiting til 10.3 drops or is there really this little action going on? I use an iPhone 5s now but I am really impressed with, and like, the new BB OS and how it works. And now with using Android apps it's almost as functional "app wise" as an Android but the OS "I feel" is better than Android.

Too few using in the world for the message to get out?

knottyrope 09-22-2014 10:08 AM

Re: New Z30 owner
this site is not getting much traffic but the official one does

10.3 is looking nice, I have a leak installed on a Z10 and Q10 but its not the final version

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