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sarahlouisa 06-11-2011 02:45 AM

I'm soooo confused...
I'm 14 from england and i got my blackberry curve 8520 yesterday! its really gooood and i love it, and i really wanted bbm. the problem is that i cant send or recieve contacts. This is really annoying, and i tried to figure out how to fix it by looking on sites like this, but everyone used confusing words and i didnt know what they were talking about :L anyway, i then realised that the word "edge" on the corner of my screen was in lower case, even though i had connectd myself to my sky router. it also says that there are no entries on my host router table thing! im so confused, and all i want is bbm... should i jus go into the vodafone shop where i bought it and ask for help or does anyone know what i can do? thankyou,

samnyemba 06-11-2011 03:37 AM

Re: I'm soooo confused...
1. "... on your " host router table thing" select Menu -> Register Now.
2. If how to do 1. above is confusing or doesn't resolve go to the vodafone and request registration or pay for the Blackberry service in case you didn't.
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aiharkness 06-11-2011 05:49 AM

Re: I'm soooo confused...
That is the answer in 2 above....get a BlackBerry data plan. Whatever your carrier calls BlackBerry data service, get it.

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