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tsac 07-06-2016 09:52 AM

Blackberry Plans drop of OS10
Looks like the BB as we know it will be gone very soon. Apparently Blackberry is moving to all Android phones. With all the recent news on Android hacks from China you would think the people at BB would show the security of the existing non Android versions and push the product.
Apparently the CEO and staff don't read the news.:?

Bloomberg news

BlackBerry to Stop Manufacturing Classic Smartphone Model - Bloomberg

NJBlackBerry 07-06-2016 02:51 PM

Re: Blackberry Plans drop of OS10
Pushing a rope. No one wanted a BB10, the most secure OS. No one cared.
BlackBerry (FKA RIM) had one shot - ONE SHOT - to try and compete against the duopoly. And they came up with the Zed10. Small, underpowered and with an underwhelming OS. Did I mention an App Gap? It was all downhill from there.

The CEO and Staff were incapable of marketing then, and they are incapable now.

The End.

tsac 07-06-2016 06:31 PM

Re: Blackberry Plans drop of OS10
I wonder why the company board of directors allow the CEO to continue to kill the company? Reading their information and background one would wonder if any of the work experience is true. It's almost like they are clueless in the industry or it's direction.
Chen may be smart but unless he sees the failing direction he leading the company to he may be too smart for Blackberry. Maybe Sybase will take him back?

NJBlackBerry 07-07-2016 08:27 AM

Re: Blackberry Plans drop of OS10
Good questions. Three years ago (as the last wheel was falling off) I listened in to the Annual General Meeting. People applauded everything that was said. No matter how ridiculous or inane. Or, as it turned out, incorrect. People applauded. The Board and Chairperson must have thought they had the support of the whole mobile device world.

Hint: They didn't.

I wonder if Prem Watsa rues the day he bought into this mess. BlackBerry isn't Sybase... Clearly.

tsac 01-02-2017 11:36 AM

Re: Blackberry Plans drop of OS10
Unfortunately it's very common of the current executive management of many many companies to totally ignore the obvious direction of the market and only look at the cost to continue development of the products. BB was the leader in cell phone security and once they move to all Android or even as reported drop all hardware you can bet they will end of gone. when companies' give big bonuses to the executives and other top leaders they get stupid to reality.
Another example is the telephone companies like Verizon and ATT. They made decisions to drop wireline service in favor of all cell service. One has to wonder why when so many low cost companies have popped up offering service at 1/3 the rates they have it would not wake them up to the direction of offerings.

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