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locoman 06-03-2012 09:39 AM

Bold 9780 reboots during software installation

I have a blackberry bold 9780. Yesterday is started to get in a reboot loop, when it turned on it would load the bar to about 1/4 and turn off, turn on again, repeat. Taking off the battery or trying to log into safe mode didn't do anything.

So today following instructions found on several websites I start to reinstall the OS using the loader and the file "9780M_PBr6.0.0_rel3106_PL6.6.0.248_A6.0.0.723_Par tner_Communications", it goes well until it gets to the point of "updating applications", after a little progress it just reboots without warning, and the program gives me the connection error, if I retry once it starts loading I get the same results.

Things I've tried with no results:
- Take the battery out for a few minutes
- Turn off "allow computer to turn this device off" on the device manager.
- Run the loader with the /nojvm option
- Take out the SIM card (wild guess)

Any ideas that doesn't involve sending it back to the manufacturer? (I bought it unlocked with no guarantee on, I'm in Venezuela, sending it back would be very expensive and have a big chance of becoming lost in transit).

aiharkness 06-04-2012 06:17 PM

Re: Bold 9780 reboots during software installation
As I was reading I was thinking media card, but you ruled that out.

I imagine you tried different USB ports on the computer. If you didn't, try.

I would also try with a different computer.

EDIT: By the way, how old is the battery? Do you have another battery to try, or can you borrow one?

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