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tsac 09-13-2017 09:09 AM

Restore Backup Failure
The recent update of the OS 10 has caused an interesting and in some minds a major problem. The App LINK will not restore a backup to OS 10.3.3
I tried an older BB with 10.2 and it worked ok. Searching the various forums, it has been discussed with so far no solutions. offers zero support except to say windows 10 is not supported. Because the backups are encrypted they cannot be used on another BB or even opened.
My suggestion to people is to be cautious and try to make copies of contacts and other items you have on the phone.

So far I have lost all contacts and photos and email connections.
the original email servers also do not respond to the reload of the new OS and will not connect to the email servers.

I used a hack tool called RAR Knife to pull some contacts from the backup but none of the photos were saved.

I sent an email to Blackberry thanking them for the excellent software management of their products.:x

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