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lopakaburns 09-16-2011 08:17 AM

BES delays in Honolulu
Anyone else having problems sending/receiving via BES and AT&T in the Honolulu area? Several of my users, including myself, are experiencing minor delays receiving emails on our BBs (about 10 minutes for some messages), and severe delays when sending from the BBs (device automatically attempts to resend messages several times over 1-2 hours, and some go through, while others fail with red X and "general send failure" or "all attempts to resend failed"). BIS seems to be working just fine (I have a Yahoo account configured on my BB and sending/receiving is almost instantaneous). I tested and rebooted pretty much everything on my side, to no effect, so I'm assuming there is something up with AT&T or the BlackBerry network that supports BES. Regular email and Internet traffic is flowing just fine in and out of our network. If this doesn't improve by morning, I'll try calling tech support... too sleepy right now.

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