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ASP 10-22-2004 07:15 PM

Is there a way to delete security features? Details inside.
I used to use a 6280 on my corporate email. I switched over to a 6710 for the screen size.

Anyhow, I deleted all the data on the 6280 through the desktop software, but I still have what seems to be my company's security features enabled on the Blackberry. (I.e. password guidelines, etc.)

Any idea how to "Reset" everything or clear the security features so it's back to 100% default condition?

The obvious reset button under the battery door did nothing.


jibi 10-22-2004 07:45 PM

you would need to completely wipe the handset.

WorldIRC 10-22-2004 09:59 PM

possibly reload the OS.. or javaloader - wipe.

ASP 10-23-2004 12:47 PM

So, I would have to go through the desktop software to wipe it clean?

That makes sense.


Skive 10-23-2004 03:26 PM

The it policy is sent over the air and isn't actually wiped from the device when you use the desktop software.

ASP 10-23-2004 03:50 PM

But the SIM has been removed from the 6280 and it's currently active in my 6710.

jibi 10-23-2004 04:37 PM

then wiping it will be fine. as long as you don't connect back up to your BES w/ the same mail profile.

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