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Guydickinson 07-05-2013 04:20 AM

Bold and Apple software
I'd be grateful if anyone can help please. I recently changed to an iMac. The Blackberry desktop software on the PC was fine - no problems (I have a Bold 9790). However when I downloaded the software to the Apple yesterday and connected the phone the first thing I saw was 'updates are available' or suchlike. I pressed it (as I understood where 'updates' are available, that's what one should do) and about an hour later I found my phone had been wiped of all emails, texts and applications (and maybe more). I managed to restore with the old PC but I've still lost 1-2 months worth.

On the PC version it was much clearer. You could transfer photos and all easily and backup. Have I lost everything or is it on the Mac somewhere? Any tips?!

Many thanks.

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