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kristinepotter 01-22-2012 10:06 PM

Weird key and trackpad issues
Hi, all--

I'm about to wipe my Blackberry 8530 and reinstall the OS for the second time now in 4 days. I do think my problem is software related, and if I was dealing with a pc I'd say the thing has a virus.

About a week ago, I started having some trouble with the delete key. It would delete whenever I "touched" it (didn't have to press the key down), as would be the case on a virtual keyboard. Over the next few days the key went from deleting the previous character when I touched it to acting as if I was holding it down to delete several lines of text. The only way to prevent it from deleting was to press another key, such as the spacebar.

Very shortly after the delete key started behaving at its worst, my trackpad stopped working for certain operations. I was able to move my curser around when I was on the home screen, but once I entered the application screen the curser wouldn't work at all. It was doing this sort of behavior in apps as well. For example, I could use the curser to scroll in the text area when I was composing a text message, but I could scroll up to leave the text area if I wished to reread something that was written earlier.

The first reason I sense the problem is software related is because the curser behavior is consistent. For example, I NEVER have trouble scrolling around the home screen; I ALWAYS have trouble scrolling around the application screen. The second reason I sense the problem is related to software is because when I wiped and reinstalled a couple of days ago, it solved the problems.

Unfortunately, the problems started developing again after a day or so, and they developed in exactly the same order and duration as they did the first time. :? So now, as I stated earlier, I'm doing another wipe. However, I wonder if anyone has any ideas about what's going on with my phone. It's really frustrating, and I'd like to "fix" it instead of wiping it a third time in another few days. Any suggestions? Anyone?


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