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Gazulous 09-30-2013 09:34 PM

Need Z10 help... SIM weirdness.
I posted this in Blackberry Help yesterday, but nobody seems to have a suggestion.

'Hi All,

Currently running my Z10 on OS, device informs me that is available to download, only when I do it reboots and can't find the SIM card. Either reports a micro-SIM error or just plain doesn't recognise that there is one inserted in the phone. End up having to factory restore my Z10, where it goes back to thinking it has a SIM in again and offering me the new OS update. Any ideas?

It's not even that much of a problem, I'm not all that bothered about an updated version of the OS, but I would like to install Whatsapp, which demands an OS of 10.0.10.xxxx or newer. Does anybody know a way around this?


Apologies if I shouldn't duplicate threads, I just thought I'd try it specifically in the Z10 section.

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