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dariusf 07-05-2011 10:24 AM

Tmobile- switching phone numbers on plans
Wondering what are the possible options for mixing phones and lines on the same plan. I have two line family plan. One is a regular line no longer under contract (line A) and the other is Blackberry with data plan with a 2 year contract with still about a year left (Line B). I want to switch my Blackberry phone to Android phone with data (mostly use the data tethered to my notebook when on the train). I have the family plan with 600min shared between the two plans and grandfathered BB data plan on line B for a total monthly cost of $50 for voice and $20 BB data on line B. What I want to do is somehow use an Android phone on the line B with data while maintaining the same phone number.

I can get Samsung Galaxy S 4G for $150 with 2 year contract on my line A. I understand I would have to add unlimited data service to that line for extra $35/m. If I were to do that is there a way to switch the phone numbers between the plans? (Line A uses BB 8100 phone so it could take advantage of the existing data plan).

Is there a way to switch the service from BB to normal line + data on the exiting line B thats still under contract even if I have to pay the extra $15/m losing my grandfathered in BB data plan? Without paying any penalty for breaking the contract? I can extend for another 2 years.

I guess in theory they could do about anything if I get the right person on the line? Anyone has any experience with this type of changes and any suggestions , advice?


Dubdub 07-05-2011 10:39 AM

Re: Tmobile- switching phone numbers on plans
Probably a question that you need to ask T-Mo.

With AT&T a few years ago, I upgraded the phone on my second line, but had it set up on the primary line. In other words, I got the upgrade that was coming on line 2 and applied it to line 1. Line 1 was a BB and line 2 uas a "dumb" phone.

dariusf 07-06-2011 07:27 AM

Re: Tmobile- switching phone numbers on plans
I found some comments on the web that tmobile did move BB data plans between phone lines on the same account so will have to give them a call.


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